Architectural Styles

Inspired by French Renaissance traditions, homes designed in the French style reflect the timeless qualities of the Second Empire, Beaux Arts and French Eclectic styles from the mid 1800s through the early 1900s.

French styled homes feature steeply pitched hipped roofs, while secondary side wings and add-on elements create intimate courtyard spaces. Elegant upper level balconies, one of the optional defining elements, take advantage of views overlooking Meadowbrook Park's beautiful gardens and courts.

The French style has a strong vertical proportion, and is most recognizable by its elegant forms with steep hipped roofs. Homes may be two, two and one-half or three-story, with the upper floor partially occurring within the roof mass. Windows are tall and vertically proportioned. French doors open onto terraces and loggias. Balconies of decorative wrought iron often occur on upper floors. Further articulation of the façade is achieved through the generous use of dormers, either through the cornice or on the roof. Homes in the French style are typically clad in stucco, painted brick or cut stone.


Essential Elements of the French Style:

  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical, well proportioned massings.
  • A steeply pitched hipped roof that may have a second shallower pitch near the cornice.
  • Windows and French doors are vertically proportioned, commonly seen in pairs.
  • Dormers are used to articulate the roof mass and reinforce the verticality of the style.
  • Entry stoops and terraces extend the façade into the landscape.